Customer Stories

they're video.  they're written. They're necessary.


No matter the size of your business, customer stories are essential.

To a potential client, tooting your own horn could feel too boastful or polished to be believable - and that's no way to earn their business. Like Googling online reviews before selecting a restaurant, people want to hear from other independent people who've had a positive experience.  So why not turn your best customers into an effective marketing asset?

Kaboonki partners with the writers at The Kotecki Group to offer one-of-a-kind, customer story packages consisting of top-tier video and written content -- an unstoppable combination in the hunt for new business. 

our customer story packages include:



Put a face to your most compelling stories through commercial quality videos crafted for the web, social media, events or as a digital leave behind.


written pieces

Deep dive into content with written stories. Paired with a sharp video, they can drive immediate sales in a way that feels authentic, meaningful and well-informed.


tailored content

We don't do cookie-cutter. We work to embrace your company's existing brand, or help you develop a unique presentation style that speaks directly to your clients.

Don't try to survive without customer stories. Ask us for your free consultation and pricing.

Remember when Rocky had to catch the speeding chicken before he could beat Apollo Creed? That’s what we do: teach you to catch the chicken.
— Kaboonki