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Hutchison PLLC, 2018

To tell the story of Raleigh, NC's premiere law firm representing entrepreneurs, we went straight to the source. In a series of four videos, Kaboonki produced client testimonials that spoke directly to the startup business community about the area's most trusted legal partner.


Mattress Advisor Reviews, 2018

Spanning dozens of different styles and brands, Kaboonki worked with review site Mattress Advisor and CRISP Agency to create a series of insightful, entertaining, and thorough hosted mattress review videos. The videos were shot in studio over the course of several months, and the results speak for themselves: a quality way to show product and personality.


IBM Havyn for Cybersecurity, 2017

Kaboonki was contracted by Myriad Media to create a touching portrait of a tech-savvy father and son who developed a way to speak to IBM's Watson computer, and the development's impact on cybersecurity. The resulting video was featured on WIRED.com and Engadget.


TrackMaven Spark Conference, 2017

Happy customers can be your top evangelists. Kaboonki followed this axiom when shooting for marketing software company, TrackMaven, to promote their Spark conference in Washington, DC. Using the customer's voice to promote the event, TrackMaven shined a light on its positives without saying a word. Our partnership with The Kotecki Group allowed us to also produce video and written customer stories from the same interviews. Read about our story packages here.


Opex Technologies Overview, 2017

Kaboonki was asked by Blueforest Studios to creative direct and shoot an overview video for a major IT procurement firm, with the goal of shifting the company image from a service provider to a trusted partner in the technology space. The resulting video combined strong messaging with scripted action, high-quality camera work and fun graphics to achieve the effect.


SEI Recruitment, 2017

Blueforest Studios also asked us to create a targeted recruitment piece for an industrial electrical firm seeking applicants in a wide range of positions. Like the people who work there, we delivered a video that's real, straightforward and a little rough around the edges.


Consumer Electronics Show (CES), C Space Studio, 2017

In another partnership with The Kotecki Group, we shot a 3-camera, live-switched talk series for CES in Las Vegas, featuring names from tech companies like Facebook, Pinterest, AOL and more. Videos were edited on-site, creating a daily stream of relevant content for conference attendees.



Delta Dental of North Carolina Women in Leadership Luncheon, 2016

We created vibrant promotional images from a yearly special event that couldn't help but sparkle.


The ArtCurious Podcast (artcuriouspodcast.com), 2017

What began as creative consultation services quickly grew into ongoing production support, editing and marketing advice for this impressive, story-driven podcast, now a worldwide hit in its second season.

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Dr. Jodi Foy, DDS - "The World's Nicest Dentist" (drjodifoy.com), 2017

Dr. Foy had a few web problems. Her site didn't represent her brand as "The World's Nicest Dentist" in a way that stuck out from the competition, it was difficult to manage and it hadn't been updated in a while -- all familiar business issues. We transformed the site into one that spoke directly to her patients, positioned her in a light better suited to her brand, took advantage of SEO and ultimately became more user friendly.

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