Who We Are

there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.


About kaboonki

We deal in content. Telling stories. Shooting video. Making stuff.

We figure you're as tired as we are of the same turn of phrase on every website, the same videos at every event and the same marketing collateral that reads like... Let's not even talk about it. In fact, let's agree not to use the word "collateral" as a noun ever again.

At Kaboonki, we make cool stuff for good people who do great things. We want you to be happy with our work and to succeed further because of it. Oh, and for you to return to us when you have more stories to tell. That's important to us too. 

We're no snobs. We think cool content works for just about everybody: plucky start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, garage bands, universities, inventors, churches, charities, public and private orgs, modeling agencies, roller rinks and political candidates. Or whatever else you're into.

Every situation is unique, but they all need compelling, and dare we propose it, earth-shattering execution to be effective. We do our utmost to help you speak, show or deliver your message to the masses in the most effective way possible. That's the best we can do. And we will.

Oh, and the name? It's either derived from the Maori word "kaboonki" that translates to "cache", or it means nothing at all. Google is uncertain.

We'll get back to you.


JOSH DASAL, FOUNDER and chief Creative officer


If asked to describe Josh in a word, we'd pick "creative". Allow two more, and we'd probably add "good egg".

A University of Southern California film school masters grad, Josh founded Kaboonki in 2016. He has a 20+ year history of telling stories and crafting messages in all kinds of formats - film, TV, web, social media and audio.

Even that odd thing the old-timers call "print". 

Pairing his Emmy® and Telly award-winning storytelling skills with those developed on projects for brands like IBM, Lowe's and The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future, and in work for major entertainment players like PBS, Discovery Channel and director Wes Craven, he developed a unique sensibility that his clients love.

In real life, he's a dad, a husband and every so often, a dandy.

You can breathe easy. He's older than he looks - he's got this.

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