Content Consulting

unlike cake, a marketing mix doesn't come in a box.


Not everyone has a marketing team for this stuff - figuring out the best words to say, how to leave a lasting impact and what tools should be deployed to make it happen - video? web? a brand refresh? It can feel tricky and confusing.

Don't go it alone. 

Instead, Kaboonki offers content consulting to help you identify your greatest needs. We walk you through the ins and outs of presenting yourself to the world, and then make recommendations about where your time, effort, and money would best be spent for maximum effectiveness and exposure.

our content consulting services include:

  • One-on-one evaluation of your current digital content, including web, social and video
  • Tailored recommendations for improving messaging, design and content mix
  • A personalized report to guide your next steps
  • Discounts on future projects resulting from your consultation

Think of us as your Sherpa, hefting your pack up the mountain and guiding you to the summit. All that's left to do is taking an awesome photo once you get there - and truth be told, we can do that for you, too.

Added Bonus: If our consultation results in a paid project with Kaboonki, you will receive a discount for the full amount of the consult. Now that's a win-win.

Discover a map to your summit. Ask Kaboonki consulting today.


If you don’t even understand what you have, how will you ever figure out what you can achieve? Seriously, dude.
— Kaboonki