Client Video Testimonial Service for Law Firms

As an attorney, you need to present your firm in a professional, and -- let's be honest -- upscale, light.

Your clients want to feel like they are represented by the very best attorneys - true leaders in their field.

There is no better way to meet both of these needs than with well-produced client testimonial videos.

Introducing TESTIFY™ from Kaboonki, an all-in-one testimonial service for your firm’s needs.


FEATURED EXAMPLE: Hutchison, PLLC - Raleigh, NC

As a long-established and premiere provider of legal services to the entrepreneurial community, it was important to Hutchison, PLLC to present their firm's story directly from some of the top clients they serve. The result was four videos speaking both to Hutchison as a firm, and to the clients' experience specifically.

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"Kaboonki could not have made my client success story project run any smoother. They break the process down to digestible chunks and have a real knack for quickly understanding any subject matter to tell a story. Our project was on time and under budget. I can’t wait to do more success stories with them."

-- Jodi Coverly, Director of Marketing and Business Development


Web. Social Media. Email. The uses for a great testimonial are endless, so your ROI is high, and the results are quantifiable.

  • A majority of marketers name video as the the best content for ROI

  • Videos are 40x more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content

  • 4x as many clients would rather watch a video about you than read about you

Using TESTIFY™ can equal a competitive edge.


Our years of video testimonial experience means we're experts in the field of telling your story through clients.


Enlightening Interviews

We provide interviewers who understand how to help your client feel comfortable sharing their story with our professional video crew. We produce testimonials for every type and size firm, and for all experience levels of clients (and partners!) on camera.


Affecting Video

Testimonials benefit greatly from well-produced supporting video footage to accompany your interviews. We gather high-quality images that support and expand your client's story for the viewer, humanizing your people and your services in every shot.

Packages start at $3000 for professional, high-quality video testimonial production and delivery.

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