Taking Advantage of the Marketing Slow Season

If there's one thing video producers and marketers like us dread, it's the slow season. That lull in activity, typically over the summer months, when companies have either just spent out all their marketing dollars at the end of a fiscal year, or are all just out lounging at the beach - that's what we picture in our minds, anyway. So we sit around and lament the lack of business, try to delay paying a few bills and buy tall lattes instead of grandes until things pick up again in the fall.

But savvy business owners know that the slow season in marketing, just like in travel, is when some of the best deals can be found. And who doesn't love a deal? But some sort of blindness sets in, and it's a shame. Your customers are there for you year-round, not just during the hot and heavy spring and fall months, so why only produce content for them two times a year - the busiest times of the year, at that. Why not, instead, take advantage of the slow season and get the ball rolling with your favorite marketer then when timelines are more lengthy, resources are cheaper and no one's breathing down your neck for the next video or website? Sure, you may have to wait until new marketing dollars hit the company coffers to pay us marketers in full for our services, but we understand that and can, more often than not, work with you. 

You get our undivided attention. We get your business. You get a break on cost. We get much needed income, even if it's discounted. Everybody wins. It's a no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not.

See, the slow season still exists. It's happening right now. Most companies still don't beat down our doors for fresh content during that time. They don't dig under the couch cushions for a few extra bucks to put themselves ahead of the game for the coming year. They delay. And we still sit around and twiddle our thumbs, wondering why no one thinks to call.

Seems like a huge opportunity missed. So I wonder, what could you and your company do with that kind of insider information? What, indeed?

While you ponder the possibilities, you'll have to excuse me. I have a latte getting cold.