Kaboonki Teams with Cocoa Camel to Rock the Note!

Time to come clean. We've been holding onto an exciting little secret for months, and finally we're at liberty to divulge it. 

Kaboonki has teamed up with Asheville, North Carolina-based entertainment company Cocoa Camel to promote the new mobile offering, Rock the Note! - Presidential Edition, an autotune-style app that allows players to transform clips of the major 2016 presidential candidates into a unique and social media shareable musical experience.

By selecting from pre-cut - and often seriously funny - clip packages provided with the app, users can choose to play the words of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in a range of musical styles from bluegrass to hip-hop, rock to slow jams, and country to dubstep.

The app will soon be available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. 

We'll be shouting a lot about Rock the Note! here and on Twitter (@GoKaboonki), but you can also hear it directly from the horse's mouth at their website and on their Twitter (@cocoacamel).

It's our first time working on an app release, and we couldn't be more excited. We hope you are too! 

More soon.

Josh Dasal is an Emmy award-winning video producer and digital marketer with a 20-year history of telling stories that matter. You can Google him.


Source: www.cocoacamel.com